Our Services

Trauma Services

Pandit Hospital’s Emergency Medical Service provide some of the Maharashtra’s most advanced and skilled care for conditions ranging sprains to heart attacks to car accidents and beyond.

A trauma center is a hospital equipped and staffed to provide comprehensive emergency medical services to patients suffering traumatic injuries. Trauma centers grew into existence out of the realization that traumatic injury is a disease process unto itself requiring specialized and experienced multidisciplinary treatment and specialized resources.

Spine Services

Our Hospitals Spine doctors use non-operative therapies as well as advanced surgical techniques to treat scoliosis, spinal disorders, and spinal deformities and injuries helping their patients can get back to doing the things they love.

Joint Replacement

The starting point for addressing degenerative conditions of the hip or knee is the Joint Replacement Center at Pandit Accident Hospital. Our adult reconstructive orthopedic physicians evaluate conditions caused by arthritis, injuries, congenital problems and general wear-and-tear to determine the best course of treatment.