Trauma Services at Pandit Accident Hospital

Trauma Services-Pandit Hospital Ahmednagar

Pandit Hospital’s Emergency Medical Service provide some of the Maharashtra’s most advanced and skilled care for conditions ranging from sprains, Poly trauma and Critical casualty and beyond.

A trauma center is a hospital equipped and staffed to provide comprehensive emergency medical services to patients suffering traumatic injuries. Trauma center grew into existence out of the realization that traumatic injury is a disease process unto itself requiring specialized and experienced multidisciplinary treatment and specialized resources.

All Emergency patients, pediatric through geriatric, are assessed and triaged by a registered medical practitioner and treated by a multidisciplinary team of specially trained personnel. Trauma patient are evaluated, resuscitated, and receive definitive care from an outstanding team of surgeons, emergency physicians, nurses, and other personnel.

Pandit Accident Hospital is "Verified Trauma Center" – the highest verification a trauma care center can achieve. There are only a few such hospitals in Ahmednagar. Essentially, it means we have resources to treat every possible injury. Some of these resources include Trauma surgeons and Neurosurgeons trained to treat adult and pediatric patients, advanced radiology facilities and injury prevention specialists. Critical care services must be immediately available 24 hours a day.

Trauma Service is backed up with:

  •   State of art casualty.
  •   CT Scan.
  •   10 bedded ICU.
  •   Round the clock serving OPD.
  •   Physician Neurosurgeon,Orthosurgeon.

Most important is the individualized treatment plan each patient receives. A nurse clinician and surgeon follow an individual’s care throughout his or her stay. This coordinated effort leads to improved patient outcomes and easier follow-up for referring clinicians. Our multi-disciplinary staff of critical care professionals is devoted to managing resources, so our patients receive the best care from the right people at the right time.