Application Of LUM Series Vertical Mill

Main application of LUM vertical mill grinding powder production

Guide: LUM series vertical mill is a wide range of machines in the vertical mill developed by the company. Therefore, it has attracted the attention of many customers. The following is the grinding of the product in the ore milling production. The main industrial application of mineral powder is to give you a brief introduction.

LUM series vertical mill can be used for the grinding of a variety of ore materials, such as coal, feldspar, calcite, talc, fluorite, iron ore, copper ore, phosphate rock, graphite, quartz, slag. Etc., the following is based on the industrial application of these ore milled finished materials.

Coal is an important energy raw material for various industries such as industry and chemical industry. Especially in countries like China, the use and consumption of coal resources is very large, but because coal resources are scarce resources, its quantity is limited, so in order to fully With coal resources, we need to grind coal in industrial production, and then use the obtained coal powder for combustion. The grinding of coal can be carried out using the LUM series vertical mill. Because the coal grinding production of this machine is relatively safe and the output is relatively high, it is more popular with customers.

Calcite is also a relatively common ore resource. The main component of calcite is calcium carbonate, and most of the natural calcium carbonate we often refer to is it. Calcite can be obtained by grinding in a vertical mill to obtain natural calcium carbonate powder between 80 and 400 mesh. These powders can be processed for the production of rubber, plastics, fillers, inks, etc., and can also be used as construction. It can also be used in the papermaking process by making floor tiles, artificial marble, and the like.

Milling of phosphate rock

Phosphate rock is also a relatively common ore material, and the LUM series vertical mill developed by our company can also be used for the grinding of this ore. Phosphate rock is the main raw material for phosphorus in industry and other industries. However, if a large amount of phosphorus is needed in the general industry, it is generally processed by crusher, vertical mill mill, etc., and then applied to chemistry. Or industrial means to produce phosphorus, phosphate and other substances; in addition, phosphorus is also an important element required for crops, because the growth of crops requires phosphorus, and phosphate fertilizer is obtained through these processing steps.