Bentonite Grinding Mill Electricity Consumption

Electricity consumption per hour of bentonite grinding mill

Introduction: The electricity consumption of the bentonite grinding mill is related to the final benefit of the production project. The following is a description of the hourly electricity consumption of the bentonite grinding mill equipment.

The bentonite grinding mill can process the bentonite into the fine powder needed on the market and then put it into production. The quality of the finished product determines the efficiency of the project, but in order to improve the comprehensive benefits, it is also necessary to consider the electricity consumption of the equipment during production. If the power consumption is large, the production cost is high, and if the power consumption is small, the production cost is low. The following is a description of the problem of the electricity consumption per hour of the bentonite grinding mill.

First of all, there are more than one type of mill, and there are many types and models, but not every one can be used to produce bentonite. Generally, it is based on the use of the material, because it is on the market. The finished product requires a small particle size, so the vertical mill is generally used to produce the equipment. The equipment is divided into two series, LM and LUM. Each series has many different models. These different models are in the process of production. The power consumption is also different.

Secondly, we will introduce the power consumption of bentonite vertical mill. The LM series vertical mill equipment is divided into LM130K, LM150K, LM170K, LM190K, LM220K, LM130M, LM150M, LM170M, LM190M, LM220M, LM130N, LM150N. LM170N, LM190N and LM220N devices of various types, the power of these different devices is 200, 280, 400, 500, 800, 185, 250, 315, 400, 500, 200, 280, 400, 500 and 900, respectively. The unit is KW, and the LUM ultra-fine vertical mill equipment is divided into three models: LUM1125, LUM1232 and LUM1436. The main unit's electric power is 250, 315 and 355, and the unit is also KW. When bentonite production engineering is based on fineness Different models of vertical mills will be selected, so the power consumption will not be the same.

The consumption problem of the bentonite grinding mill described above firstly shows that the bentonite production equipment is a vertical mill, and the vertical mill equipment is divided into two series of LM and LUM, each of which has many models. Different models of machines will also have different power consumption when selected. The power consumption of each type of machine is listed above.