Dolomite Vertical Mill Production

Treatment of vertical mills vibrating in dolomite production

Guide: Vertical mill equipment in the dolomite production project for some reasons will appear excessive vibration, affecting production, so to prevent this phenomenon when using.

Vertical mill is mainly used as a kind of machine for fine powder production in the production of dolomite. However, due to improper operation, it will encounter such problems in the production process, among which are more common. One problem is that the vibration force is too large, which has a great influence on the production process of dolomite, so it is necessary to take some measures to prevent this problem in the daily use process, so that the impact on its production is reduced.

There are many reasons for the violent vibration of the neutral mill in the dolomite production line, but the vibration caused by either cause will cause the production of the dolomite production project to decrease, and may even cause the production to be temporarily impossible, so the installation is It is necessary to prevent the violent vibration of the vertical mill in advance. The vertical mill is fixed on the concrete floor with screws when it is installed. After long-term work, the screws will be loosened. The vibration will not be too obvious when it is loose in the early stage. If it is not found and treated in time, it may cause the screws to break. It causes severe vibration, so the staff should check the screws regularly for looseness and loosen them to tighten them.

In addition to the violent vibration of the dolomite vertical mill caused by loose screws, after the equipment is used for a long time, the flywheel may also deviate from its position and cause uneven vibration, which may cause severe vibration. At this time, it can be reset and fixed.

Industrial development has promoted the development of vertical mill products, met the demand for ultrafine powders in different industries, and achieved certain economic benefits, but the traditional vertical mill equipment has great deficiencies, such as the machine In the process of production, the energy consumption is relatively high and the pollution to the environment is relatively heavy. Although such equipment can satisfy the basic production, it takes a lot of effort to deal with the remaining problems after production, so it is necessary to carry out the vertical grinding. Improve, change its deficiencies, and promote its better development.

The above article mainly introduces the method of preventing excessive vibration of the dolomite vertical mill equipment in the production line, mainly because the screw is loose or the flying groove wheel deviates from the position, which will cause the equipment to vibrate violently, no matter what the reason It is necessary for the staff to check whether the screws or the flywheel of the equipment are abnormal and timely processed when using the equipment, which can prevent the vibration of the equipment from being excessive.